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Did your dog bite get infected with capnocytophaga?

Animal bites of all sorts are prone to infection, typically due to the large number of bacteria that lives within their mouths. Dogs are no exception. In fact, capnocytophaga bacteria is a well-known cause of infection that can actually lead to fatal complications if left… Read more

What are common injuries a dog bite may leave you with?

A dog attacking you may send you to the hospital. Depending on the physical damage, you may have long-term effects of the attack. Physical injuries from dog bites depend on various elements. The one clear thing is that a dog bite may leave you in… Read more

First steps after a dog attack

Dog bites are traumatic experiences. If you or your child receive a dog bite, you need to act fast. Panicking will only make things worse. According to State Farm, California consistently has the most claims for dog bites every year. Though unlikely, you need to prepare… Read more

Dog bites often lead to infections, complications

Dog owners have legal and ethical obligations to control their dogs and keep them away from other parties. When they fail to do so and the dog attacks and bites you, you run the risk of suffering serious infections and complications in the aftermath. According… Read more

What to do after a dog bite

One moment, a cute canine seems playful and happy. The next moment, the dog attacks, leaving you with serious injuries. The steps you take following a dog bite are crucial for several reasons. Major medical, legal and financial consequences can follow an attack. Your first steps… Read more

Do not run away from a charging dog

When a dog that you do not know charges you on the street, your instinct is to run away. Don’t do it. This is only going to make the situation worse. For instance, imagine that you go out for a jog. You do not see… Read more

Why do little dogs seem more aggressive?

While large-breed dogs certainly can be aggressive, do you ever feel like it’s the small breeds that seem the most like they want to harm you? Do they show you these signs of aggressive behavior far more often than their larger counterparts? Some of it… Read more

Are some dogs inherently inclined to attack or bite?

If you ask animal lovers this question, most of them would say no. However, the plethora of news reports detailing dog and animal bites appear to indicate that some dogs are predisposed to attacking humans. Since California is home to many different types of animals… Read more

Two pit bulls attack and injure California animal control officer

Pit bulls have a reputation for injuring innocent victims and as such are often the main “suspect” in dozens of dog and animal bites. Many of these animals do not deserve such a reputation but at the same time, some pit bulls do indeed attack… Read more

Here’s the scoop on dog bite laws in California

It is said and widely believed that dogs are humankind’s best friends. Dogs and even other pet animals are companions, buddies and part of the family. Unfortunately, these furry friends come equipped with an arsenal of weapons including claws and teeth. When people suffer serious… Read more

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