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How can falls injure a person?

Falls serve as a major source of injury for many people no matter their age, despite the fact that it often ends up considered a person that only the elderly face. In reality, falls from any height – even relatively small ones – can harm… Read more

What happens if you get hurt at a haunted house?

Halloween is a popular fall holiday. Many people seek thrills associated with Halloween-themed attractions, such as haunted houses. If you visit a haunted house and get injured, you might not recover damages from the purveyor of the attraction. Primary assumption of risk California courts have… Read more

What are nonunions?

With the modern medicine available today, almost every bone fracture or break will eventually end up mending. However, there are certain circumstances in which this may not occur, resulting in a nonunion. It is important to understand what a nonunion is, factors that contribute to… Read more

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