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What are signs of traumatic brain injuries?

Brain damage and trauma can manifest in different ways after a crash. No matter how a victim feels, they should seek medical attention quickly. This is the only way to ensure that no permanent damage happened. But you should also keep an eye out for… Read more

Wrongful death statute of limitations explained

When one person causes the death of another person through negligence, the state’s wrongful death statute gives the surviving family the right to sue for damages. Anyone making a claim under this statute needs to be aware of the statute of limitations. Statute of limitations… Read more

A slippery floor can change a pleasant stay into a nightmare

Many out-of-towners enjoy the hospitality of a resort hotel during their vacation or while they attend a special event such as a wedding. The gleaming floors in the main lobby or along the corridor to a ballroom can pose danger in disguise to those unaware… Read more

Why are attractive nuisances dangerous?

While surveying your property, you may notice some items or areas that naturally draw curious children in. To a young mind, they may seem like fun places to play or equipment that they could easily use or climb onto. Those areas or pieces of equipment… Read more

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