Dog bites often lead to infections, complications

Dog owners have legal and ethical obligations to control their dogs and keep them away from other parties. When they fail to do so and the dog attacks and bites you, you run the risk of suffering serious infections and complications in the aftermath.

According to Medical News Today, when a dog bites you, bacteria from inside the animal’s mouth makes its way into your body. While washing the bitten area right away should mitigate your injury risk to some extent, any remaining bacteria may cause problems.

Infections common after dog bites

After a dog bite, you run the risk of developing sepsis, tetanus, rabies or a similar condition, all of which may lead to additional medical hardships and complications. In some instances, theses infections caused by dog bites travel to other parts of your body. If you did not receive a vaccination against a particular type of infection, you may need to take antibiotics to kill the infection.


Capnocytophaga is another infection you may experience following a dog bite. More common after a bite to the hand or foot, this type of infection may lead to fever, vomiting, joint pain, blistering and other associated symptoms. If untreated, it may lead to serious health concerns and conditions, such as heart attack, kidney failure or gangrene.

Dog bite liability

In California, dog owners may be responsible for their pet’s bites, regardless of whether the bite occurred on public or private property. However, to hold a party responsible for a dog bite that occurred on private grounds, you must have had a legal right to be there.

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