Los Angeles Car Accident Statistics 2023 – Traffic Fatalities

Car accidents can happen for many possible reasons, and any accident has the potential to inflict life-changing losses on those involved. Los Angeles is one of the busiest cities on the planet, and each year Los Angeles County tops the countywide accident rates throughout California. Whenever accidents happen, those involved need to know their legal options for recovering their damages. While no driver can always predict how others will behave around them, knowing the most common causes of car accidents in Los Angeles can help drivers reduce their risk of causing accidents and absorbing liability for damages to others.

Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Los Angeles

Various government agencies and other organizations collect accident data from across the country. The California Highway Patrol, the Department of Transportation, and various other entities routinely publish accident reports showing the most recent trends pertaining to vehicle crashes throughout the state. According to the most recently available accident reports, a few of the most common causes of accidents in Los Angeles and throughout the state include:

  • Distracted driving, which is the top reported cause of all crashes in the state each year. Cell phone use behind the wheel continues to be a problem despite state legislators banning the use of cell phones while driving. Any time a driver diverts their attention away from the road, they can potentially cause a serious accident.
  • This not only significantly increases the chances of an accident happening but also the severity of any resulting damages. Speeding can also lead to reckless driving charges for the at-fault driver.
  • Moving violations. Traffic is notoriously congested in Los Angeles, and whenever drivers commit moving violations, they can easily cause devastating accidents.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI). It is illegal for anyone to operate a vehicle while intoxicated, but DUI continues to be not only a leading cause of all accidents but also a top contributing factor to the number of fatal accidents each year.

These are only a few of the top risk factors that drivers face in Los Angeles. Regarding accident fatalities, speeding is the leading contributing cause of traffic fatalities in the state each year. When accidents happen at higher speeds, they are more likely to cause catastrophic injuries to those involved, and unfortunately, many victims of high-speed accidents do not survive.

The accident rate and fatal accident rate in the state have both increased over the past few years. Roughly 250,000 accidents occur statewide each year, with more than 3,700 resulting in fatal injuries. If you or a loved one experienced a recent car accident due to another driver’s negligence or misconduct, you can file a personal injury claim to recover your damages. However, if you lost a loved one in a fatal accident, you will need to file a wrongful death claim instead.


Q: How Many Fatal Car Accidents Happen Daily in Los Angeles?

A: Los Angeles County is statistically one of the most dangerous parts of the state for drivers. According to the most recently available accident data, there are an average of four deadly crashes in Los Angeles every day. During the whole of 2021, 289 people died in traffic accidents within Los Angeles, a significant increase from the previous year. Over the last several years, the total number of accidents and the total number of accident fatalities has increased steadily.

Q: How Many Accidents Happen Throughout the State Each Year?

A: California is one of the most heavily populated states in the country, with nearly 40 million residents. The state inherently has a higher rate of accidents than many others due to the simple fact that there are so many more drivers. On average, there are roughly 250,000 car accidents throughout the state each year. While some accidents only result in property damage and minor injuries, others cause catastrophic or fatal harm to those involved.

Q: Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident in Los Angeles?

A: Technically, no, there is no requirement for you to hire legal counsel after a car accident in Los Angeles. However, you are much more likely to succeed with the recovery efforts you attempt if you do. Legal counsel you can trust is an invaluable asset for both an auto insurance claim and a personal injury suit against the at-fault driver. Your attorney can streamline your recovery and resolve any disputes that arise with any part of your claim.

Q: Will the Driver Who Caused an Accident in L.A. Go to Jail?

A: It is possible for an at-fault driver to face jail time and other criminal penalties for causing an accident, depending on how they caused it. When negligence causes a car accident, the at-fault driver faces civil liability for the damages they caused but will be unlikely to face prosecution. However, if they caused the accident because of DUI or reckless driving, they not only face criminal charges but also increased penalties if they caused serious harm to others.

Q: How Much Does Hiring a Car Accident Attorney in Los Angeles Cost?

A: You can secure the legal counsel you need to help recover from an accident without incurring expensive attorneys’ fees. The team at the Law Offices of Carl D. Barnes accepts personal injury clients on a contingency fee basis, so there is no fee if we are unable to win compensation for your damages for any reason. When we do win your case, we only take a percentage of the total case award as our fee. This contingency fee policy allows you to pursue compensation for your damages with confidence and peace of mind.

The Law Offices of Carl D. Barnes can help you recover from a recent accident in Los Angeles. Whether you are pursuing compensation on your own behalf or on behalf of a loved one, we can help streamline your legal proceedings and secure the compensation you legally deserve for your damages. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about the legal services we provide in Los Angeles.

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