Are some dogs inherently inclined to attack or bite?

If you ask animal lovers this question, most of them would say no. However, the plethora of news reports detailing dog and animal bites appear to indicate that some dogs are predisposed to attacking humans. Since California is home to many different types of animals and pets, trying to learn more about why dogs attack is important to one’s safety.

According to an article published in Psychology Today, more than a third of the homeowner liability claims arising in 2013 centered on dog and animal bites. This bit of trivia supports the conclusion that some dogs may be more dangerous than others are. However, the data does not take environmental factors such as human influence into account.

The American Pet Association maintains that most domestic animals become overly aggressive because of outside influences. For example, if a rottweiler’s owner teases the animal or encourages aggressive activities, the dog may assume a dominating role over humans and other pets. This puts those near the animal (family members, neighbors or even passersby) at a greater risk of an attack.

Holding the animal owner legally responsible for injuries suffered due to dog and animal bites helps you acquire compensation to cover your medical treatment. It has the additional benefit of helping deter animal owners from raising dangerous and aggressive pets.

When pet owners understand that they may face legal consequences in the wake of an attack, they may finally begin to raise their animals safely and responsibly. If you need additional information about your options after an animal attack, consider discussing your incident with an injury lawyer in the Los Angeles region.

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