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What are the signs of a skull fracture?

If you suffer any break to your cranial bone, it is a skull fracture. The most common cause of a skull fracture is a blow to the head. Car accidents often cause enough force upon impact to crack the skull. Sometimes, a skull fracture can… Read more

Understanding the purpose of product recalls

Every day, thousands of people in California purchase products for use in their homes, offices and for recreation. While a majority of these products undergo rigorous testing to verify their compliance with quality assurance guidelines, defective products still manage to make their way into the… Read more

What do you know about experiencing PTSD after an auto accident?

After your recent car collision, you thought only your vehicle sustained damage, but now you feel differently. Rather than physical harm, did the accident inflict psychological harm as post-traumatic stress disorder? The American Academy of Family Physicians explores how motor vehicle accidents may trigger PTSD. Find… Read more

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