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Two pit bulls attack and injure California animal control officer

Pit bulls have a reputation for injuring innocent victims and as such are often the main “suspect” in dozens of dog and animal bites. Many of these animals do not deserve such a reputation but at the same time, some pit bulls do indeed attack people. Recently, an animal control officer from the Clearlake region of California suffered a pit bull attack after responding to a call from police officers.

Reportedly, the two pit bulls approached a woman in an aggressive manner as she was walking on a nearby sidewalk. A motorist invited the woman into the car to help her avoid an attack. After this, the dogs turned their attention to a male pedestrian, biting him on the leg. The man suffered minor injuries and left the scene after receiving treatment.

When police officers arrived at the scene, they asked for assistance from animal control. As the animal control employee attempted to make the capture, the two pit bulls knocked her down and began attacking her. One of the police officers shot at the dogs, killing one of them. The other animal was captured, and the injured animal control officer was transported to a hospital for treatment.

Dog and animal bites are tragic for victims, animals and pet owners alike. It is safe to assume that no one wants to see any animal suffer or die because of unwanted behavior. At the same time, something needs to happen that will deter animal owners from letting potentially dangerous pets injure innocent people.

Many victims of dog and animal bites choose to pursue legal action against the owner of the attacking animal. This can help deter owners from allowing their pets to harm others while also providing victims with financial compensation for their injuries.

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