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How to avoid food poisoning with good food safety practices

Hosting at home, especially outdoors when the weather is right, is one of the joys of homeownership. Many people look forward to sharing food and fun with family and friends. Without good food safety practices, you may be putting yourself in a precarious position. If… Read more

How to avoid drowning

Swimming pools and beaches are popular destinations for California residents to escape the summer heat. However, poor maintenance or supervision can increase the risk of injuries or deaths occurring. Approximately 3,960 people drown every year in the United States. These tips can help you or your loved… Read more

How does footwear affect driver safety?

When people discuss car accidents and the factors that contribute to them, many aspects of driving and a driver’s habits come to mind. They range from the alertness of the driver to distractions in and out of their vehicle. However, not many cover the fact… Read more

How can sharing the road while on a motorcycle endanger you?

No matter what kind of road you travel on, you should stay aware of the ways that other vehicles around you can crowd your space and leave you struggling to stay upright while riding on your motorcycle. Being on the road with a variety of… Read more

How does drowsiness impact safety?

When a driver hits the road, it is up to them to maintain safety precautions in order to keep themselves and other drivers from getting into crashes. Some dangers seem easier to avoid than others, though. For example, many drivers do not even seem aware… Read more

How should you treat blood spots and bruising?

After a car accident, you sustained a few bruises and blood spots under your skin. While exploring your legal options, you must treat your injuries. The University of Michigan Health Symptoms explains how to treat bruises and blood spots. Learn how to take care of yourself while… Read more

What makes a manufacturer not liable for a defective product?

In general, if a product has a defect, the manufacturer is liable for any injuries that occur to you when using the product. However, product defect law is not completely black and white. Every injury you sustain from using a product does not immediately entitle… Read more

Should you worry about your concussion?

When drivers like you get involved in crashes, it is almost impossible to walk away without taking at least some damage. Head injuries often end up one of the more common injuries you may suffer from in an accident, and concussions surface often in crash… Read more

3 tips for documenting your injuries after a car accident

Every time you get in the car to drive, you are at risk for involvement in a car accident. Although some accidents result in injuries, other car accidents are deadly. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, in 2019, 3,606 died in car accidents in California.… Read more

How can stores be a source of slip and falls?

When you imagine a place you could get a slip and fall injury, you may not first think of a supermarket or other store. However, poor conditions in these places can lead to severe spine and head trauma. Whenever business owners neglect to keep a… Read more

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