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Wrongful death compensation in California

If you lost a loved one in an unexpected accident, you may have questions about the circumstances of his or her death. If another person caused the incident, your family may be eligible for wrongful death benefits to cover final expenses. Learn how a California wrongful… Read more

What contributes to the lethality of drowsy driving?

Many drivers admit to driving drowsy before. There are no laws that specifically target the act of drowsy driving. So is it surprising that this act of reckless driving continues taking lives every year? In fact, the lethality of drowsy driving seems to grow annually.… Read more

Fatal collision in Newport Beach due to DUI

Many people in California may misunderstand the general purpose of a wrongful death lawsuit. While they might think that such an action looks to empower one to act in the role of law enforcement to mete out some sort of punitive action, yet that is… Read more

Common types of traumatic injuries

Traumatic injuries are quite common in accidents involving falls, motor vehicles, fires and other hazards. Unlike minor injuries that often require little medical intervention, catastrophic trauma often cause a major disruption to the victim’s lifestyle, i.e., disabilities, or disfigurement, the need for continuous medical care… Read more

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