First steps after a dog attack

Dog bites are traumatic experiences. If you or your child receive a dog bite, you need to act fast. Panicking will only make things worse.

According to State Farm, California consistently has the most claims for dog bites every year. Though unlikely, you need to prepare for the worst-case scenario. Continue reading to learn more about the first steps after a dog attack.

Stay calm

Once the dog attacks you, remain calm and do not scream or make any noise that might excite the dog. Once the attack is over, take a picture of the injury. Do not chase after the dog.

Seek medical attention

For superficial wounds, clean and sterilize them immediately. Puncture wounds are more severe and difficult to treat. Let blood flow for a few seconds because this helps remove bacteria. Then apply pressure to stop the flow and seek a doctor immediately.

Call animal control

If the dog was stray or unknown, call animal control. You want them to catch the dog because you need to know if it has rabies. If the owner is present, get the dog’s information to see if it has proper vaccinations.

Call the police

Call the police if you know who the owner is or suspect the dog belongs to someone. According to California law, the dog’s owner has liability for any injury caused to an individual legally present in a public or private place.

Get the owner’s insurance information and call a lawyer

Get the dog owner’s insurance information and contact a lawyer. Do not speak with the insurance company without legal guidance from an attorney.

Animal attacks have many potential medical and legal complications. You deserve financial reparations for your trauma.

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