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Why are warning labels important?

You see them so often on the products you use that you hardly recognize them anymore. The orange labels with the word, “WARNING” in large, bolded letters. Federal regulation, yes, but are they really necessary? The reality is, warning labels provide information to consumers that… Read more

What dangers exist while shopping sales at big box stores?

The winter holiday season is slowly winding down. While the thought of heading out to the mall or a big box store to go shopping is likely the last thing on your mind right now, it will soon be Valentine’s Day and then Easter. Countless… Read more

Falling merchandise and collapsing shelves are serious hazards

Stores want to ensure that they have the merchandise that its customers want. Unfortunately, some of these retailers don’t keep safety in mind when they are planning the storage of products. They may overload shelves, which can lead to very serious injuries to customers and… Read more

Big box stores should do more to protect customers

People who shop at stores think that the stores will work to ensure that they have a safe environment. While it is true that they will try to do some preventative measures, there are many they might miss. When a customer suffers an injury at… Read more

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