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How can falls injure a person?

Falls serve as a major source of injury for many people no matter their age, despite the fact that it often ends up considered a person that only the elderly face. In reality, falls from any height – even relatively small ones – can harm… Read more

What do you have to prove in a California slip-and-fall case?

When someone else’s negligence caused you to fall and suffer an injury in California, you may look to that party to cover your medical and other expenses relating to the event. For example, if a wet floor, pothole or something similar made you fall, you… Read more

Supermarkets and the need for consumer safety

Many people think of a trip to the supermarket in California as something efficient and enjoyable. What many may not consider is the chance of getting hurt because staff failed to mitigate hazards. Slipping, tripping and falling can have detrimental consequences, particularly for vulnerable individuals.… Read more

Falls the leading cause of injury and death among older adults

California’s property and business owners have an obligation to keep their properties in good condition. When they fail to clear obstacles or otherwise exercise negligence and you fall as a result, you may be able to hold them accountable for your medical and other associated… Read more

Floor cleaner may be the reason for a fall in a public area

Perhaps you are planning to visit with relatives over the holidays and already have reservations at the hotel chosen as the site of your family dinner. Excitement is in the air but exercise caution when moving about the hotel. You do not want a slip-and-fall… Read more

How a business’ negligence plays a role in your slip and fall

It only takes a second for a routine visit to a business to become a life-altering ordeal. All of a sudden, you find yourself falling, and the result is a head injury, back injury or broken bone. Now you can’t work and have to worry… Read more

Great risks come from falls, older Americans at an increased risk

Slip-and-fall accidents lead to severe injuries. Unfortunately, many different things can lead to this type of incident. No matter how old the person who falls is, they might suffer from broken bones. The risk of this happening is more significant for older people because of… Read more

What stair hazards can cause slip-and-fall accidents?

Stairs, stairwells and stairways seem quite safe to most users. When you grow up using stairs all of your life, you might not stop to think about any hazards they pose. However, thousands of Americans die from slip-and-fall accidents on stairways each year in America. Los Angeles… Read more

How dangerous are accidents resulting in slip and falls?

Any accident can be dangerous, but those involving slip and falls are sometimes more dangerous than you might think. In most cases, these accidents are more embarrassing than they are harmful, but victims would still be wise to get a medical opinion. Doing so can… Read more

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