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A shopping cart may leave your child with a serious injury

As a parent, you want to expose your child to as many experiences as possible. While there are a variety of ways to accomplish this objective, your local supermarket or big-box store provides many learning opportunities. Unfortunately, though, the young one in your family may… Read more

Recovering from a car crash on your own

Often, when people are involved in motor vehicle collisions, they turn to loved ones for support and guidance. However, if you live alone and do not have any close friends or family members in your life, we realize the additional hardships that you will likely… Read more

Is inattentional blindness dangerous to drivers?

California drivers like you often share the road with many other people. At times, these other drivers do unpredictable or dangerous things. Many dangerous driving behaviors fall into the category of distracted driving. When people discuss distracted driving, they often refer to drowsy driving. Texting… Read more

How driver exhaustion leads to crashes

California drivers like you face many dangers on the road. Some of these dangers are surprising and unavoidable. They come out of nowhere. Others are avoidable but still put lives at risk. Distracted driving falls under this category. Drowsy driving falls under the distracted driving… Read more

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