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Your next step after a slip and fall incident is seeing a doctor

You may slip and fall but feel OK afterward if a bit shaken. The question is, could you actually have an injury? Perhaps there are no immediate symptoms after your fall, but it is important to seek medical attention anyway. Slip-and-fall incidents are a leading… Read more

Remember the VGB Act whenever your child enters a swimming pool

Drowning is a tragedy that takes mere seconds, but children become statistics every year. In California, kids can swim all year long. What is the VGB act and why should you bring it to mind when your child enters a pool? The issue Drowning is… Read more

Are you sitting in the safest airplane seat?

Even if you have an extensive travel history, you probably have stayed mostly at home during the last couple of years. Now that Americans are traveling again, you may be itching to book a flight and head to your favorite destination. While fatal aviation accidents… Read more

First steps after a dog attack

Dog bites are traumatic experiences. If you or your child receive a dog bite, you need to act fast. Panicking will only make things worse. According to State Farm, California consistently has the most claims for dog bites every year. Though unlikely, you need to prepare… Read more

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