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Speeding increases the severity of traffic accidents

If you encounter a speeding driver, you could become seriously injured in a collision. Unfortunately, accidents that take place at high speeds are more likely to result in serious injuries, and even the loss of life. Drivers speed for various reasons, but there is no… Read more

What is inattentional blindness?

When driving, it is important to multitask. Your focus should extend across many different points of interest at the same time, as this helps you predict potential dangers you may face. But there is a natural phenomenon that might just get in your way. It… Read more

Multiple fatalities caused by wrong-way driver in Fontana

Every time motorists in California climb behind the wheels of their vehicles, they accept the inherent risks that come with traveling on the state’s roads and highways. Most, however, accept this risk assuming that the state’s other motorists care as much about avoiding accidents as… Read more

Who is responsible for injuries in a hotel pool?

The use of any swimming pool comes with inherent risks. However, property owners must comply with the requirements of California law to keep their property free of dangerous conditions. A person who suffers an injury in a hotel pool may receive compensation if the property… Read more

Defective combat earplugs lead to a $6.3 million jury award

A federal jury found an American manufacturer of combat earplugs liable for hearing loss caused by its defective product. Three veterans filed a lawsuit claiming that the manufacturer knew of the design flaw and the company covered it up before supplying the earplugs to the… Read more

Did a homeowner owe you a duty of care?

If you sustain an injury at a person’s home, you may wonder if you can sue said person for compensation. The answer really depends on the type of visitor you were and whether the homeowner owed you a duty of care. According to FindLaw, visitors… Read more

Why are attractive nuisances dangerous?

While surveying your property, you may notice some items or areas that naturally draw curious children in. To a young mind, they may seem like fun places to play or equipment that they could easily use or climb onto. Those areas or pieces of equipment… Read more

What do you know about experiencing PTSD after an auto accident?

After your recent car collision, you thought only your vehicle sustained damage, but now you feel differently. Rather than physical harm, did the accident inflict psychological harm as post-traumatic stress disorder? The American Academy of Family Physicians explores how motor vehicle accidents may trigger PTSD. Find… Read more

What contributes to the lethality of drowsy driving?

Many drivers admit to driving drowsy before. There are no laws that specifically target the act of drowsy driving. So is it surprising that this act of reckless driving continues taking lives every year? In fact, the lethality of drowsy driving seems to grow annually.… Read more

Is drowsy driving dangerous?

California drivers like you want to stay safe on the road. To that end, you often avoid obviously dangerous behaviors. This includes driving while under the influence or paying attention to electronics on the road. But what about drowsy driving? This is a surprisingly common… Read more

Should you rely on hands-free tech for safety?

California drivers like you do everything to protect your safety on the road. You know distractions create a lot of the dangers you face. You work hard to focus and overcome them. You may even use things like hands-free tech to help you operate your… Read more

Are you liable for underage drinking in your home?

Many states have enacted social host liability laws that hold parents and/or legal guardians responsible for any underage drinking events that occur in their homes. California has no such state statute, but The Center for the Study of Law and Enforcement Policy warns that this does… Read more

Safety must be a priority for all businesses

A trip to your local store should never entail having to fight for your life. However, hazards can exist when retailers don’t use proper safety procedures. When a shopper suffers an injury at one of these businesses, a lawsuit can follow. The victim has the… Read more

These 3 tips can help you avoid a drunk driving crash

Thanksgiving is nearly here, and with it comes an increased risk of collisions with drunk drivers. It’s fairly common for people to have a few drinks with Thanksgiving dinner, but the entire holiday weekend is problematic as a result of people coming to visit family… Read more

What compensation comes from a wrongful death lawsuit?

California has robust laws in place to protect people who are the victims of corporate malfeasance, wrongful acts or neglect on the part of a business or an individual. Of course, you need to understand your rights before you can reasonably assert them. When someone… Read more

Three hidden dangers could risk your child’s safety in pools

Most children love swimming and will play in the water with friends and neighbors whenever they get the chance. Parents of young children may enforce rules for swimming, such as requiring the children to wear life jackets or swim only when supervised. Rules like these… Read more

Do you avoid risky behaviors when driving near semitrailers?

Collisions between semitrailers and passenger vehicles can cause significant damage and often result in the occupants of the smaller vehicle being severely injured. Truck drivers are held to high standards to help prevent these collisions. However, some collisions are unintentionally caused by other motorists who… Read more

Carl D. Barnes Has Been Nominated and Accepted as a Two Years AIOPIA’S 10 Best in California For Client Satisfaction

The American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys has recognized the exceptional performance of California’s Personal Injury Attorney Carl D. Barnes as Two Years 10 Best Personal Injury Attorneys for Client Satisfaction. The American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys is a third-party attorney rating organization that… Read more

Kids and adolescents most prone to electric shock accidents

When your kids were children, you probably took all the necessary precautions to keep them safe in your home. This likely including placing covers over electrical outlets and teaching your children to never put foreign objects into an open electrical socket. Making your children aware… Read more

Veterans sue over defective combat earplugs

Hundreds of U.S. veterans are suing over earplugs they claim 3M sold to the military despite knowing they were defective. The lawsuits state that the earplug design was defective, causing the plugs to come loose and allow dangerously loud sounds to damage the wearer’s hearing.… Read more

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