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Los Angeles Car Accident Statistics 2024 – Traffic Fatalities

Car accidents can happen for many possible reasons, and any accident has the potential to inflict life-changing losses on those involved. Los Angeles is one of the busiest cities on the planet, and each year Los Angeles County tops the countywide accident rates throughout California.… Read more

California Car Accident Statute of Limitations (2024)

Car accidents are a leading cause of accidental injuries and economic damages for residents each year. These incidents happen in many ways, and those involved are often left with many difficult questions regarding liability for their damages. If you believe another driver is responsible for… Read more

California Personal Injury Settlement Amounts Examples 2024

No one wants to be the victim of a personal injury. The outcome can cause physical and emotional suffering, and the process for pursuing compensation can be overwhelming. Often, victims give up pursuing payouts for their injuries because they either don’t know that they have… Read more

What to Do When Someone Hits a Parked Car and Leaves in California? (2024)

Finding your parked car damaged with no responsible party in sight is frustrating and unfortunate. The hit-and-run of a parked car can lead to many questions and concerns. Victims often wonder about what steps to take to ensure the most optimal outcome. It is vital… Read more

Is Lane Splitting Legal in California? 2024

The Golden State is known for its sunny beaches, iconic Hollywood sign, and traffic. However, California has some of the busiest roads in the country. This means that motorcyclists often look for ways to navigate the congestion more efficiently. One such method is lane splitting,… Read more

What Are the Most Common Personal Injury Claims in Los Angeles, CA? (2024)

A personal injury is any incident in which one party’s negligence or intentional misbehavior causes physical harm and/or economic losses to a victim. Personal injuries happen in many ways, and each victim will face a unique series of legal proceedings as they strive to recover… Read more

How can falls injure a person?

Falls serve as a major source of injury for many people no matter their age, despite the fact that it often ends up considered a person that only the elderly face. In reality, falls from any height – even relatively small ones – can harm… Read more

What happens if you get hurt at a haunted house?

Halloween is a popular fall holiday. Many people seek thrills associated with Halloween-themed attractions, such as haunted houses. If you visit a haunted house and get injured, you might not recover damages from the purveyor of the attraction. Primary assumption of risk California courts have… Read more

What are nonunions?

With the modern medicine available today, almost every bone fracture or break will eventually end up mending. However, there are certain circumstances in which this may not occur, resulting in a nonunion. It is important to understand what a nonunion is, factors that contribute to… Read more

What is frontal lobe damage?

The frontal lobe is an area of the brain that contains many crucial parts, such as the prefrontal cortex and frontal eye fields. When this area gets damaged, it will reflect on the health and well-being of the victim. Thus, it is important to understand… Read more

Did your dog bite get infected with capnocytophaga?

Animal bites of all sorts are prone to infection, typically due to the large number of bacteria that lives within their mouths. Dogs are no exception. In fact, capnocytophaga bacteria is a well-known cause of infection that can actually lead to fatal complications if left… Read more

Is your neighbor’s pickup truck hazardous to your kids?

If you live in a suburban neighborhood, you undoubtedly love the kid-friendly environment. After all, your children can ride bicycles, play games and take walks on the quiet and safe suburban streets. Still, if one of your neighbors owns a full-size pickup truck, your kids… Read more

How to avoid food poisoning with good food safety practices

Hosting at home, especially outdoors when the weather is right, is one of the joys of homeownership. Many people look forward to sharing food and fun with family and friends. Without good food safety practices, you may be putting yourself in a precarious position. If… Read more

How to avoid drowning

Swimming pools and beaches are popular destinations for California residents to escape the summer heat. However, poor maintenance or supervision can increase the risk of injuries or deaths occurring. Approximately 3,960 people drown every year in the United States. These tips can help you or your loved… Read more

What are common injuries a dog bite may leave you with?

A dog attacking you may send you to the hospital. Depending on the physical damage, you may have long-term effects of the attack. Physical injuries from dog bites depend on various elements. The one clear thing is that a dog bite may leave you in… Read more

How does footwear affect driver safety?

When people discuss car accidents and the factors that contribute to them, many aspects of driving and a driver’s habits come to mind. They range from the alertness of the driver to distractions in and out of their vehicle. However, not many cover the fact… Read more

What does recovery look like for a burn victim?

A burn injury can cause intense pain and physical scarring and require a lifetime of rehabilitation. Recovery from a burn often involves grueling medical treatment and therapy. Relying on your family and friends for support can facilitate your progress throughout your experience. Knowing some of… Read more

What to do if your child is in a school bus accident

When classes are in session, some parents often put kids on school buses, leaving them in the hands of others. They pray the adults in charge know how to keep their little ones safe. Receiving a call about a school bus accident is a nightmare… Read more

Why are warning labels important?

You see them so often on the products you use that you hardly recognize them anymore. The orange labels with the word, “WARNING” in large, bolded letters. Federal regulation, yes, but are they really necessary? The reality is, warning labels provide information to consumers that… Read more

How can sharing the road while on a motorcycle endanger you?

No matter what kind of road you travel on, you should stay aware of the ways that other vehicles around you can crowd your space and leave you struggling to stay upright while riding on your motorcycle. Being on the road with a variety of… Read more

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