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Bicycle Accident Attorney in Pasadena, CA

Bicycles are environmentally friendly alternatives to motor vehicles for many residents of the Pasadena, CA, area, and many others ride bikes for exercise. Unfortunately, while many people enjoy bicycling regularly without issue, bicycle accidents often result in severe injuries. If you recently experienced a bicycle accident in Pasadena, or if your loved one was injured by a motorist while riding their bike, call our firm. It’s vital to consult an experienced Pasadena bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible.

Representing Victims of Pasadena, CA, Bicycle Accidents

Your legal team can help you understand your legal options for recourse against the party responsible for your accident. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Carl D. Barnes have extensive experience handling complex personal injury claims on behalf of Pasadena, CA, area clients. We know the severe economic impact any accident can have on the victim and their family. Therefore, in every case we accept, we strive to help our client maximize their recovery as fully as possible under California law.

What to Expect From Your Pasadena Bike Accident Attorney

pasadena bicycle accident attorney
While many people assume they can handle seemingly straightforward civil claims without legal counsel, the reality is that any personal injury case can be far more challenging than the plaintiff initially anticipates. Legal representation is not a strict requirement for filing a personal injury claim in Pasadena, but you are more likely to succeed and maximize your compensation when you have legal counsel advising you.

Your Pasadena bicycle accident lawyer can handle your case proceedings and court filings while you focus on your recovery. They will guide you through each stage of your case, from gathering evidence to prove liability through settlement negotiations or litigation against the defendant. You may have some idea of the economic damages you can include in your claim, but an experienced personal injury attorney can help you uncover avenues of recovery you may have overlooked on your own.

The Law Offices of Carl D. Barnes believes in providing every client with our full attention throughout their case proceedings. We will help you calculate the full range of damages you can include in your complaint and gather the evidence necessary to hold the defendant accountable for their actions. Depending on the details of your case, we may also consult expert witnesses like accident reconstruction experts or medical treatment professionals to support your claim.

How Do Bicycle Accidents Happen in Pasadena, CA?

Bicyclists have rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers in California. For example, while bicyclists on most roads have the right to “take a lane,” occupying space in moving traffic alongside motor vehicles, it is best to bike in designated bicycle lanes when available. Unfortunately, despite a cyclist’s best efforts to ride safely, they could be hit by a negligent driver due to various reasons:

  • Distracted driving is the leading cause of traffic collisions in the US. Even a momentary distraction is enough to cause a devastating bicycle accident.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol impairs judgment, spatial awareness, and reaction time. As a result, a driver who is the cause of a bike accident because of a DUI will likely face criminal prosecution on top of civil liability for any losses the victim suffered.
  • Speeding reduces the time a driver has to react to changing traffic conditions. If a car hits a bicyclist at high speed, the bicyclist is likely to suffer catastrophic injuries.
  • Failure to yield the right of way is a common cause of motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, some drivers do not realize that bicyclists have the same right of way in certain situations as vehicle drivers, which can easily result in accidents.

Your Pasadena bicycle accident attorney can help you gather the evidence you need to establish fault for your recent bicycle accident.

It’s important to remember that a bicyclist has a duty of care to ride safely and obey traffic laws, just like motor vehicle drivers. If a bicyclist contributes to causing a bicycle accident in California, the state’s pure comparative negligence law may come into play. This law states that plaintiffs can still recover compensation for damages if they are partially responsible for causing those damages, but they lose a percentage equal to their share of fault in the incident in question. For example, if a plaintiff were 10% at fault in a $100,000 claim, they could lose $10,000 of their case award to reflect their comparative negligence.

A Pasadena bicycle accident lawyer can address any plaintiff’s concerns regarding potential comparative fault for an accident. When you choose the Law Offices of Carl D. Barnes to represent your bicycle accident claim, we will do everything we can to maximize your recovery as fully as possible under California state law.

Recovering From Your Pasadena, CA, Bicycle Accident

Whenever a driver causes an accident and injures someone else, the injured party has the right to file an auto insurance claim against the at-fault driver, and all California drivers must have auto insurance. Unfortunately, while an insurance claim may offer some relatively swift relief from your bicycle accident damages, most bicycle accidents result in substantial losses likely to eclipse insurance coverage.

Your Pasadena bicycle accident lawyer will assist you in calculating the full scope of losses resulting from your accident. You may have grounds to claim immediate medical expenses and the long-term costs you are likely to incur for the treatment of your injuries. In addition, if your accident prevents you from working for an extended period, you can hold the defendant accountable for income lost during this time. You can also seek compensation for the damage to your bicycle, and California law allows you to claim pain and suffering as non-economic damages.

Many bicycle accident victims suffer catastrophic injuries that cause long-term or permanent medical complications, often inhibiting their ability to work. Your attorney will help you calculate immediate and anticipated future losses resulting from your accident. They will then guide you through the legal proceedings necessary for holding the defendant accountable for these losses. Most civil claims filed in California end in settlement negotiation, but your case may go to trial if the defendant disputes their liability.

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Any bicycle accident claims in Pasadena, CA, can raise complicated legal questions you may not be able to answer on your own. To discuss your case with an experienced Pasadena bicycle accident attorney, contact the Law Offices of Carl D. Barnes today and schedule your consultation with our team.

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