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How should you treat blood spots and bruising?

After a car accident, you sustained a few bruises and blood spots under your skin. While exploring your legal options, you must treat your injuries. The University of Michigan Health Symptoms explains how to treat bruises and blood spots. Learn how to take care of yourself while… Read more

What do you have to prove in a California slip-and-fall case?

When someone else’s negligence caused you to fall and suffer an injury in California, you may look to that party to cover your medical and other expenses relating to the event. For example, if a wet floor, pothole or something similar made you fall, you… Read more

Supermarkets and the need for consumer safety

Many people think of a trip to the supermarket in California as something efficient and enjoyable. What many may not consider is the chance of getting hurt because staff failed to mitigate hazards. Slipping, tripping and falling can have detrimental consequences, particularly for vulnerable individuals.… Read more

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