What are common injuries a dog bite may leave you with?

A dog attacking you may send you to the hospital. Depending on the physical damage, you may have long-term effects of the attack.

Physical injuries from dog bites depend on various elements. The one clear thing is that a dog bite may leave you in far worse shape than you believe.

What are typical dog bite injuries?

Many factors determine the type of injury a dog bite may inflict. However, some damage occurs more frequently than others.

Holes in the skin

Dog teeth vary based on the size and breed. If a dog latches on to you, its teeth may perforate the skin and leave puncture marks. As the dog exerts pressure, your skin and tissue around the bite may tear, leaving a large open wound.

Infection of tissue

Infection occurs when the bacteria from the dog’s mouth and the open air penetrate the wounds in the skin. Depending on the depth of the bite marks, you may need to undergo a surgical procedure to clean out the wound and surrounding tissue. This clean-out may need to repeat until the tissue appears bacteria-free.

Scrapes, cuts and skin

Most dog bites result in lacerations to the skin. This may come from the bite itself or your fall. Regardless of how abrasions and lacerations need medical attention to ensure there is no infection brewing underneath.

What about emotional injuries?

Physical damage and pain are not the only injuries you may sustain during a dog attack. Emotional trauma may linger for months or even years after the incident. YOu may develop a fear of dogs. The encounter may necessitate you to receive treatment for depression, anxiety and other stress-related conditions.

Getting compensated for the money you spent on medical care after a dog bite may prove beneficial for your financial and emotional situation. Contact a personal injury attorney for help.

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