How can falls injure a person?

Falls serve as a major source of injury for many people no matter their age, despite the fact that it often ends up considered a person that only the elderly face.

In reality, falls from any height – even relatively small ones – can harm even a perfectly fit and healthy young person.

Broken bones

The CDC discusses facts about falls and the injuries that happen due to fall incidents. Many fall incidents have a risk of the individual breaking a bone in the process. Of course, with elderly individuals, the risk of breaking a hip poses major mobility issues along with the potential for infection.

However, breaking a hip, leg bone or even harming the spine can cause serious mobility problems in just about anyone. Back injuries in particular can take months for a person to fully recover from, leaving them in a tricky situation regarding how to work and get through daily life in the meantime.

Head injuries

Another major risk of a fall is the possibility of a head injury. It depends on whether the person hits their head on the ground during the fall, which can potentially cause internal bleeding, bruising, swelling and more.

Of course, head injuries have well-known and potentially long-lasting impacts that affect everything from a person’s mental health and memory to their physical well-being. As with physical damage, these issues may potentially get in the way of a person’s ability to support themselves financially.

The amount of money that recovery costs can also be a lot to deal with, which is why many people will pursue damages for a personal injury.

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