Floor cleaner may be the reason for a fall in a public area

Perhaps you are planning to visit with relatives over the holidays and already have reservations at the hotel chosen as the site of your family dinner.

Excitement is in the air but exercise caution when moving about the hotel. You do not want a slip-and-fall injury to ruin the family gathering.

Traction issues

A slip results then you lose traction between the surface you are walking on and the sole of your shoe. In a public place like a retail store, restaurant or hotel, hard floors can be slippery. This could occur due to tracked-in rainwater or because of oil, grease or another type of residue from the parking lot.

Cleaning products and residue

The cleaning products used for floors in public spaces can leave a residue, especially fragrant products that contain oils. The people who clean the floors should consider the peak hours during which guests use certain areas and consider the drying time needed for freshly cleaned floors in those areas. Signs should warn walkers to use caution, but signs are not always present after a floor cleaning.

Liability for injuries

According to the National Safety Council, about 25,000 slip, trip and fall injuries occur across our country on a daily basis. Among the most common of these are hip fractures and head injuries. If you fall and sustain injuries because of a slippery floor at the hotel hosting your family gathering, the cost of medical treatment will be among your next concerns. Keep in mind that both the hotel and the cleaning company it uses may share liability for your injuries.

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