How a business’ negligence plays a role in your slip and fall

It only takes a second for a routine visit to a business to become a life-altering ordeal. All of a sudden, you find yourself falling, and the result is a head injury, back injury or broken bone. Now you can’t work and have to worry about massive medical costs.

Thankfully, you usually have the right to bring a premises liability claim against a property manager or business owner who failed to properly maintain their facilities in a manner that ensured public safety. You may find yourself wondering what mistakes can lead to a successful slip-and-fall claim against a business.

Inadequate cleaning or maintenance is negligence

Those who make their property accessible to the public have an obligation to make sure that it is reasonably safe and to ensure the property against the premises liability. Proper maintenance, which can include the timely cleaning of any spills and leaks as well as repairs to dripping pipes or leaky roofs, are critical to a safe facility. So, too, is sweeping up dry debris and ensuring the floor offers proper traction, particularly after mopping or waxing.

Inadequate lighting or dangerous clutter can cause issues

In both indoor and outdoor spaces, a lack of lighting can lead to a slip. Particularly in stairways, it is important to have guardrails to help people catch themselves if they slip. With proper lighting and handrails, businesses can reduce the risk of a fall and potential injuries.

Finally, making sure that walkways and stairs are clear of clutter is important. Even something as seemingly innocuous as an extension cord could be the reason that someone whines up severely hurt.

These are all clearly issues that most people would see as risks, meaning that failing to address them constitutes negligence. Businesses must maintain clear walkways and safe facilities or risk the financial liability that comes from inadequate maintenance.

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