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3 tips for documenting your injuries after a car accident

Every time you get in the car to drive, you are at risk for involvement in a car accident. Although some accidents result in injuries, other car accidents are deadly.

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, in 2019, 3,606 died in car accidents in California. If you got hurt in a car accident, documenting your injuries properly can help you preserve your rights to fair and proper compensation.

1. Take pictures

If possible, take a picture of your car accident injuries as soon as you can following the collision. You should also take pictures of how your injuries heal as you start to recover in the next few days and weeks.

2. Maintain a journal

A journal can help you track your healing process after you sustain injuries in a car accident. Write in this journal every day, taking note of how you feel overall, your level of pain and what kinds of things you struggle to do because of these injuries.

3. Gather records

Every time you see a physician regarding the injuries you sustained in the car crash, obtain a copy of your doctor’s notes for your personal records. You should also keep copies of all expenses you accrue due to this medical treatment.

Keep all of your records in a convenient, safe place so you can update and refer to them often. Whenever you speak to the opposing insurance company or someone else involved in your case, have all of this information handy so you can reference it easily.

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