How can sharing the road while on a motorcycle endanger you?

No matter what kind of road you travel on, you should stay aware of the ways that other vehicles around you can crowd your space and leave you struggling to stay upright while riding on your motorcycle.

Being on the road with a variety of differently sized vehicles means you need to stay on alert.

Sudden movements

According to the United States Department of Transportation, visibility is a serious concern for most people on motorcycles. Wearing bright clothing and using proper signals are common ways to combat this since some other drivers do not think to look for smaller vehicles on the road.

An accident with a larger vehicle can be devastating if you are on a motorcycle since you have fewer methods of protection. Unlike cars, there are fewer ways to avoid a direct impact on the driver since you do not have a metal body around you.

Wind and drafts

Trying to ride your motorcycle in windy or rainy conditions on the road can leave you at risk for an accident, especially when a large truck pulls up alongside you. The wind and backdrafts from the size of the body of the truck can knock you off balance and leave you struggling to avoid a crash.

Different lanes

If another vehicle does not signal while changing lanes or tries to turn without looking at the lane, it can lead to an accident. A large truck can easily miss a smaller motorcycle while turning onto a new road or exiting a highway.

They may not think to check who is around them or look out their windows and mirrors as they switch lanes. Being aware of the dangers on the road can allow you to make good choices for your own safety.

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