Should you worry about your concussion?

When drivers like you get involved in crashes, it is almost impossible to walk away without taking at least some damage. Head injuries often end up one of the more common injuries you may suffer from in an accident, and concussions surface often in crash injury victims, too.

Despite commonly getting treated as “nothing big”, concussions actually have the potential to do some serious damage. The impact you face is sometimes much larger than expected and can change your overall health and even the course of your life.

Mild to severe concussive symptoms

Mayo Clinic looks into the symptoms of a concussion. Depending on the injury, the symptoms may vary in severity. Certain impacting factors can include where the hit happened, how much force was behind it, and your overall physical health at the time of the incident.

Mild concussive symptoms often present in a way that is hard to notice, especially if you do not know what you are looking for. On the other hand, severe concussions often come with symptoms that are hard to miss and hugely impactful, both for you as the sufferer and for those around you. You could pass out or suffer from excruciating migraines, and the way you act toward others may change as you experience aggression and trouble curbing impulses.

Risk of brain damage

Even worse, a concussion also comes with the potential risk of brain damage. If your symptoms worsen over time, this serves as a major cause of concern. Concussions can easily cause bruising of the brain, or swelling of the tissues in the skull. This means the brain can press against the interior of the skull, cutting off blood and oxygen supplies to certain areas. If left untreated, this can cause cell death and brain damage. It is just one of many reasons why you should seek immediate medical attention after a crash.

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