How can stores be a source of slip and falls?

When you imagine a place you could get a slip and fall injury, you may not first think of a supermarket or other store. However, poor conditions in these places can lead to severe spine and head trauma.

Whenever business owners neglect to keep a building clean and safe for shoppers, injuries often occur.

Unsafe walkways

According to FindLaw, dimly lit areas are a major source of falls for shoppers and visitors. A hallway with broken lights or no lighting at all can cause people to trip.

Missing floor mats or large items in the middle of a walkway can make it hard for people to navigate the store. If shelves are wobbly or uneven, items may even fall from above onto customers and cause head injuries.

Slippery floors

A broken glass jar of food or an opened bottle can easily leak out onto the ground. Any puddle of water or liquid in the middle of an aisle is a serious tripping hazard for shoppers, especially the elderly or anyone unsteady on their feet.

Workers should always clean up any messes that they see as soon as possible. If they fail to do that, then it leaves the store open to claims of negligence from injured shoppers.

Broken doors

Automated sliding doors may make it convenient to walk in and out of a place, but they can also become dangerous if broken. Faulty mechanisms can cause someone to trip without warning causing personal injury.

Concussions and head trauma, as well as hip injuries, are serious problems for anyone affected by a slip and fall. Knowing the common dangers of stores can help you to stay aware while shopping.

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