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Will your head injury alter your marriage?

Getting into a crash will alter your life in many ways, with some of these changes being less immediately noticeable than others. For example, if you suffer from brain damage due to the crash, you may also suffer from changes in your relationships. In particular,… Read more

Eight symptoms you should watch for after an accident

Like virtually every driver, if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, your impulse is to say you are “all right.” Indeed, your body becomes charged with adrenaline during a crash. You may not even know you have been injured. However, it is the… Read more

How do you identify skull fractures?

When you take a blow to the head, it often results in some form of injury to the brain or skull. In particular, with enough force behind a blow, you can actually end up dealing with a fractured skull. How can you identify skull fractures… Read more

What is compartment syndrome?

Serious car accidents can cause a wide range of effects. Along with head injuries and spinal cord damage, you can also experience significant muscle injuries. According to Healthline, compartment syndrome occurs because of intense pressure within muscle compartments, which are groupings of tissues covered by fascia. Because… Read more

What do I do after a hit-and-run?

No matter how minor the fender-bender is, it is a nuisance. However, even the most minor fender-bender can turn into a complete nightmare if the other person involved in the accident decides to flee the scene. Now, what was originally an insurance snafu has turned… Read more

What are common signs of a spinal cord injury?

A slip and fall in a store can leave you feeling sore for weeks afterward. Your spine and back may prevent you from doing daily chores or even driving. A spinal cord injury is a serious health concern, and knowing the symptoms can help you… Read more

The average cost of your SCI

Spinal cord injuries leave a serious, often permanent impact on you if you suffer one. The surgery, recovery and rehabilitation come with costs in both monetary and emotional terms. If you suffer an SCI due to negligence, it may help to know the average costs… Read more

What are signs of traumatic brain injuries?

Brain damage and trauma can manifest in different ways after a crash. No matter how a victim feels, they should seek medical attention quickly. This is the only way to ensure that no permanent damage happened. But you should also keep an eye out for… Read more

Wrongful death statute of limitations explained

When one person causes the death of another person through negligence, the state’s wrongful death statute gives the surviving family the right to sue for damages. Anyone making a claim under this statute needs to be aware of the statute of limitations. Statute of limitations… Read more

A slippery floor can change a pleasant stay into a nightmare

Many out-of-towners enjoy the hospitality of a resort hotel during their vacation or while they attend a special event such as a wedding. The gleaming floors in the main lobby or along the corridor to a ballroom can pose danger in disguise to those unaware… Read more

Understanding the purpose of product recalls

Every day, thousands of people in California purchase products for use in their homes, offices and for recreation. While a majority of these products undergo rigorous testing to verify their compliance with quality assurance guidelines, defective products still manage to make their way into the… Read more

Wrongful death compensation in California

If you lost a loved one in an unexpected accident, you may have questions about the circumstances of his or her death. If another person caused the incident, your family may be eligible for wrongful death benefits to cover final expenses. Learn how a California wrongful… Read more

Fatal collision in Newport Beach due to DUI

Many people in California may misunderstand the general purpose of a wrongful death lawsuit. While they might think that such an action looks to empower one to act in the role of law enforcement to mete out some sort of punitive action, yet that is… Read more

Common types of traumatic injuries

Traumatic injuries are quite common in accidents involving falls, motor vehicles, fires and other hazards. Unlike minor injuries that often require little medical intervention, catastrophic trauma often cause a major disruption to the victim’s lifestyle, i.e., disabilities, or disfigurement, the need for continuous medical care… Read more

What should you do for someone who has had an electric shock?

It can be very frightening to witness someone else experiencing an electric shock. You may see them shake uncontrollably due to involuntary muscle contractions. Injuries resulting from an electric shock can range in severity depending on factors such as the voltage and the type of… Read more

Texting, distractions and driver negligence

Navigating California roadways can be tedious and hazardous at times, especially in heavy traffic situations. It is critical that all drivers keep their focus on the road to minimize the risk of a deadly car accident. Yet, motorists continue to use cellphones to text, email… Read more

In what workplace am I most likely to fall?

Premise liability is not limited to public commercial areas or residential landlords. While you are at work, your workplace has the responsibility to ensure that your surroundings are as safe as possible. When most people imagine a “dangerous workplace,” it is likely they do not… Read more

Red-light traffic deaths reach a 10-year high

You may make every effort to slow down and abide by California traffic signals, but recent research shows that many other motorists across the nation fail to do the same. The number of people dying as a result of drivers running red lights is at… Read more

How do traumatic brain injuries impact your life?

California residents like you who get involved in an accident may suffer from brain injury. Head, back and neck injuries are among the most common that impact victims. All three types of injuries can have lasting, life-long impacts, too. Brain injuries – especially traumatic brain… Read more

What duty of care does a property owner owe you?

When you sustain an injury after slipping and falling on another person’s property, you might immediately assume that the property owner is liable for your injury expenses. Yet is that truly the case? In many situations, that assumption holds true. Yet the extent a property… Read more

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