Common types of traumatic injuries

Traumatic injuries are quite common in accidents involving falls, motor vehicles, fires and other hazards. Unlike minor injuries that often require little medical intervention, catastrophic trauma often cause a major disruption to the victim’s lifestyle, i.e., disabilities, or disfigurement, the need for continuous medical care and a great deal of pain and suffering for them and their immediate family members. In some cases, traumatic injuries can lead to wrongful death.

One way you can protect yourself from accidents is to learn about some common types of traumatic injuries.


Burns often occur when there are extremely high temperatures, flammable chemicals, or electricity. Burn injuries range in severity. Degree one burns involve minor trauma to the primary layers of the skin or affected area, such as blisters and blisters. Degree two burns are more serious. They affect several layers of skin and often require skin graft treatment. Third-degree burns are the most severe and affect all layers of the skin. Victims with third-degree burns often require multiple surgeries, therapies and other treatments to recover.

Spinal cord trauma

Spinal cord injuries occur from trauma to the bones and tissues of the spine. Unlike other types of trauma, those that involve the spinal cord can result in complications that cause further harm to the body. Spinal cord injuries can cause incomplete or complete paralysis, numbness, and chronic pain. Victims who end up with severe spinal cord trauma often have a limited recovery. Some of them die.

It is not always possible to avoid traumatic injuries. However, you can make plans to mitigate much of the inconvenience and expenses you might experience if you or a loved one suffers an accident that leaves them severely injured.

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