How do traumatic brain injuries impact your life?

California residents like you who get involved in an accident may suffer from brain injury. Head, back and neck injuries are among the most common that impact victims. All three types of injuries can have lasting, life-long impacts, too.

Brain injuries – especially traumatic brain injuries – often leave a lasting mark. The recovery process is difficult and full of unexpected hurdles which may have a negative impact on you.

Mental and emotional struggles

Mayo Clinic discusses the primary impacts of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Your mental, physical and emotional health can suffer. For example, depending on the area of injury, your personality may end up affected. Many TBI sufferers struggle with self-regulation and temper control. This is because the frontal lobe regulates these matters and cannot do its job efficiently after an accident.

Physically, TBI sufferers sometimes struggle with migraines, head and neck pain and even back pain. In some cases, you may suffer from nerve damage which can affect mobility and strength in your limbs. You may also struggle with a loss of sensation, pain, numbness or the feeling of “pins and needles”.

Memory and financial loss

Regarding cognitive impact, many TBI sufferers struggle with memory loss. This is often short-term. You could struggle to remember things that just happened or daily tasks. Long-term memory does not suffer as often. But the damage to short-term memory causes much frustration among victims. It can also affect your ability to hold down a job, leading to additional financial stress.

Due to the emotional impact of TBIs, you may struggle to cope with these extra stressors. It becomes a vicious cycle that leads to financial loss, physical pain and mental anguish.

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