Will your head injury alter your marriage?

Getting into a crash will alter your life in many ways, with some of these changes being less immediately noticeable than others. For example, if you suffer from brain damage due to the crash, you may also suffer from changes in your relationships.

In particular, you could find your marriage suffering after a crash. But how do brain injuries tie into relationship health in the first place, and can you do anything to save your marriage?

Alterations of your perception of the world

Headway talks about the impact of head injuries on relationships. To understand how a head injury can alter your marriage, you must first understand how head injuries can change your behavior and personality. This is especially true of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), which often have more severe and lasting impacts.

When you suffer from brain damage, it can change the way you interact with the world around you. You will likely struggle to curb your impulses and may find yourself more prone to angry outbursts accordingly. You will also likely lose the ability to deal with emotional stress and feel overwhelmed. This can cause you to lash out at others in an uncontrollable and aggressive way.

The weight on your spouse

Needless to say, a sudden change like this will feel jarring to your significant other. In fact, many spouses of brain injury survivors state that it feels as if they are currently married to a stranger.

On top of that, the shifted responsibilities will put an already stressed spouse on edge as they move to cover household management and income issues. You can help mitigate the strain this puts on your marriage through open communication, counseling and understanding the challenges that lie ahead in the recovery process.

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