Multiple fatalities caused by wrong-way driver in Fontana

Every time motorists in California climb behind the wheels of their vehicles, they accept the inherent risks that come with traveling on the state’s roads and highways. Most, however, accept this risk assuming that the state’s other motorists care as much about avoiding accidents as they do.

In many cases, that assumption proves true. Yet the potential of encountering those few people on the road with an indifference to the safety of others is ever-present. Sadly, such encounters often end worse for the victims of another’s apparent negligence.

Wrong-way driver in Fontana kills two

This fact was on full display in a recent accident that occurred in Fontana. According to KTLA5, witnesses reported an SUV driving southbound in the northbound lanes of Sierra Avenue at high speeds. Eventually, the SUV crashed into several vehicles. Two occupants of one of those vehicles (a mother and her adult daughter) died in the collision, while the other two passengers remain in local hospitals in critical condition. Authorities did not share details in the status of the wrong-way driver.

Civil recourse in conjunction with criminal charges

Many might assume that in a case such as this, the responsible drivers would face criminal charges due to their negligent actions. This may lead some to conclude that accident victims needing to seek compensation from those parties (to help cover their accident expenses) must wait until criminal proceedings play out before they can initiate any action. Yet that is not the case. Indeed, court authorities allow car accident victims to file civil liability claims while investigators and prosecutors pursue criminal charges against the same person over the same matter.

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