Should you rely on hands-free tech for safety?

California drivers like you do everything to protect your safety on the road. You know distractions create a lot of the dangers you face. You work hard to focus and overcome them. You may even use things like hands-free tech to help you operate your devices in a safer way.

But just how safe are these devices? How much faith should you put into them? Can they really help cut down your chance of crashing?

Hands-free tech handles visual and physical distractions

The National Safety Council does not think you should rely on hands-free tech. Unfortunately, they cannot guarantee driver safety. This is because they do not target all areas of driver distraction. It is true that they improve some areas. For example, voice command allows you to use your device without touching it. You do not even have to look at it. This cuts down on physical and visual distractions.

What are cognitive distractions?

But the main area of concern is cognitive distractions. These are mental distractions that take your attention away from the road. It covers a wide spectrum. Some examples of cognitive distraction include:

  • Thinking about where you are going or coming from
  • Focusing on directions
  • Talking to other passengers
  • Trying to figure out where you are going
  • Changing the radio station or listening to music
  • Eating food or drinking

Hands-free tech unfortunately contributes to cognitive distractions rather than taking away from them. For this reason, you cannot rely on it to keep you safe on the road. If you do use it, do not believe that it is the answer to all of your potential troubles.

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