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Falling merchandise and collapsing shelves are serious hazards

Stores want to ensure that they have the merchandise that its customers want. Unfortunately, some of these retailers don’t keep safety in mind when they are planning the storage of products. They may overload shelves, which can lead to very serious injuries to customers and employees alike.

There are three specific dangers that must be addressed when stocking shelves. One of the more common is that items can fall off the shelves and hit customers. When things are on higher shelves, this might lead to head injuries.

Another issue is that the shelves might collapse. This can also lead to serious injuries because the shelving unit, which is likely heavy, and the merchandise can all strike anyone who is near the unit. This could cause devastating injuries or even death.

Finally, overloading shelves can lead to fire suppression systems being blocked. There should be 18 inches between any item and the fire sprinkler head so that fires can be extinguished as quickly as possible.

Workers who are stocking shelves should always pay attention to how merchandise is positioned and the condition of the shelving. If they note sagging, the weight on the shelf must be reduced. Additionally, heavier items should be placed on lower shelves so that the unit doesn’t become top heavy.

If an issue with falling merchandise or collapsing shelves does harm a customer, that customer should file an incident report. They should also get medical care to find out what injuries are present. If they suffer any damages, they might choose to seek compensation for those. Because this is a personal injury claim, there are strict time limits that must be followed.

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