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Defective combat earplugs lead to a $6.3 million jury award

A federal jury found an American manufacturer of combat earplugs liable for hearing loss caused by its defective product. Three veterans filed a lawsuit claiming that the manufacturer knew of the design flaw and the company covered it up before supplying the earplugs to the… Read more

Did a homeowner owe you a duty of care?

If you sustain an injury at a person’s home, you may wonder if you can sue said person for compensation. The answer really depends on the type of visitor you were and whether the homeowner owed you a duty of care. According to FindLaw, visitors… Read more

The average cost of your SCI

Spinal cord injuries leave a serious, often permanent impact on you if you suffer one. The surgery, recovery and rehabilitation come with costs in both monetary and emotional terms. If you suffer an SCI due to negligence, it may help to know the average costs… Read more

What are signs of traumatic brain injuries?

Brain damage and trauma can manifest in different ways after a crash. No matter how a victim feels, they should seek medical attention quickly. This is the only way to ensure that no permanent damage happened. But you should also keep an eye out for… Read more

Wrongful death statute of limitations explained

When one person causes the death of another person through negligence, the state’s wrongful death statute gives the surviving family the right to sue for damages. Anyone making a claim under this statute needs to be aware of the statute of limitations. Statute of limitations… Read more

A slippery floor can change a pleasant stay into a nightmare

Many out-of-towners enjoy the hospitality of a resort hotel during their vacation or while they attend a special event such as a wedding. The gleaming floors in the main lobby or along the corridor to a ballroom can pose danger in disguise to those unaware… Read more

Why are attractive nuisances dangerous?

While surveying your property, you may notice some items or areas that naturally draw curious children in. To a young mind, they may seem like fun places to play or equipment that they could easily use or climb onto. Those areas or pieces of equipment… Read more

What are the signs of a skull fracture?

If you suffer any break to your cranial bone, it is a skull fracture. The most common cause of a skull fracture is a blow to the head. Car accidents often cause enough force upon impact to crack the skull. Sometimes, a skull fracture can… Read more

Understanding the purpose of product recalls

Every day, thousands of people in California purchase products for use in their homes, offices and for recreation. While a majority of these products undergo rigorous testing to verify their compliance with quality assurance guidelines, defective products still manage to make their way into the… Read more

What do you know about experiencing PTSD after an auto accident?

After your recent car collision, you thought only your vehicle sustained damage, but now you feel differently. Rather than physical harm, did the accident inflict psychological harm as post-traumatic stress disorder? The American Academy of Family Physicians explores how motor vehicle accidents may trigger PTSD. Find… Read more

Wrongful death compensation in California

If you lost a loved one in an unexpected accident, you may have questions about the circumstances of his or her death. If another person caused the incident, your family may be eligible for wrongful death benefits to cover final expenses. Learn how a California wrongful… Read more

What contributes to the lethality of drowsy driving?

Many drivers admit to driving drowsy before. There are no laws that specifically target the act of drowsy driving. So is it surprising that this act of reckless driving continues taking lives every year? In fact, the lethality of drowsy driving seems to grow annually.… Read more

Fatal collision in Newport Beach due to DUI

Many people in California may misunderstand the general purpose of a wrongful death lawsuit. While they might think that such an action looks to empower one to act in the role of law enforcement to mete out some sort of punitive action, yet that is… Read more

Common types of traumatic injuries

Traumatic injuries are quite common in accidents involving falls, motor vehicles, fires and other hazards. Unlike minor injuries that often require little medical intervention, catastrophic trauma often cause a major disruption to the victim’s lifestyle, i.e., disabilities, or disfigurement, the need for continuous medical care… Read more

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