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What are some common causes of wintertime injuries?

Personal injuries happen any time of the year. That said, wintertime has many dangers, each with the ability to cause hospitalization.

Cold weather accidents sometimes happen because premises are not maintained. Other times, unsafe behavior is to blame. Manufacturing errors exist as another possibility. Stay aware of the peril that is present during frigid months.


When walking on ice, it is easy to lose your footing. Parking lots of retail chains demand extra caution. Shop owners should use salt and de-icers to reduce the odds of a tragedy occurring. One blow to the head could create a traumatic brain injury associated with lifelong neurological effects.


Roads are slick after a snowfall. Car accidents, train wrecks, and airplane incidents increase during blizzard season. Drivers who feel invincible are prone to losing control. The resulting collisions have the potential to be catastrophic. People hurt by irresponsible operators may consider filing a personal injury lawsuit.


Snow removal is a responsibility for many. A snowblower comes in handy when tackling this dreaded task. The best ones come with a performance guarantee. Unfortunately, not all devices are reliable. Some fail to operate as advertised, making them beyond hazardous. Thousands endure injuries every year, with amputations being a regrettable occurrence. Manufacturers of faulty gear should have their products taken off store shelves.

Wintertime presents a bounty of threats specific to these months. Once a tragedy happens, the only recourse is suing the responsible party. Stay aware of the risks that citizens must contend with during lower temperatures.

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