Some construction accidents lead to third-party lawsuits

Construction workers face many dangers on a daily basis when they head to a job site. They face enough challenges when they’re on the job that they don’t need any additional risks. Unfortunately, there are some non-job-related factors that can be problematic for construction workers.

We understand that it is sometimes necessary to look beyond workers’ compensation coverage when there is an accident at a construction site. Below are a couple of situations that might lead to third-party claims.

One of these occurs when there is an issue with the tools or equipment being used at the job site. It is possible to pursue a claim against the manufacturer of these defective tools if the defect causes an injury. This product liability issue can be challenging to prove because you must show that the the defect existed and led to the injury you suffered.

Another situation in which a third-party lawsuit might be possible is if there was a premises liability issue on the client’s property. This could be the case if there were unsafe conditions present when you showed up for the job. A client had a duty to provide you with a safe workspace, so you can take legal action when this doesn’t happen.

It is often difficult to know what options you have when you’re injured at a construction site. We can go over the circumstances and outline the options that you have to deal with the situation. We know that your goal is likely to figure out how you can minimize the financial strain you have to deal with because of the situation.

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