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How driver exhaustion leads to crashes

California drivers like you face many dangers on the road. Some of these dangers are surprising and unavoidable. They come out of nowhere. Others are avoidable but still put lives at risk. Distracted driving falls under this category.

Drowsy driving falls under the distracted driving umbrella. Many people do not realize this. They do not understand how risky drowsy driving is. Unfortunately, drowsiness makes the road a riskier place for everyone.

Why do people drive drowsy?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention examine driver exhaustion. This phenomenon is also known as drowsy driving. Drowsy driving occurs when a driver does not get enough sleep before hitting the road. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common forms of driver distraction. It is also more widely accepted than texting while driving. You may not understand the true risk of drowsy driving. Or like many other workers, you may think it is a reality of the system we live in.

The risks of drowsy driving

But drowsy driving is risky for many reasons. Some think it is only because you may fall asleep at the wheel. This is a major danger. It makes drowsy driving more risky than certain other distracted driving behaviors. But it is not the only reason you should avoid driving drowsy.

Many studies show that drowsy driving impacts drivers in a way like drunk driving. This means you have less control over your actions. You are less observant. You are less likely to react to potential dangers in a safe way. Often, you may not even notice them. This endangers not only you, but everyone else you share the road with.

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