What to do if your child is in a school bus accident

When classes are in session, some parents often put kids on school buses, leaving them in the hands of others. They pray the adults in charge know how to keep their little ones safe.

Receiving a call about a school bus accident is a nightmare scenario. Your first thought is the safety of your child. The next is holding the responsible party accountable. Amid the emotional chaos, knowing how to respond can be elusive.

Pursue medical attention

With luck, your precious pupil is not in an emergency room. Even without serious injury, seek an evaluation from a pediatric physician. Most importantly, a thorough examination verifies there are no unseen problems. Also, it creates a paper trail showing the need for medical attention.

Attend to your child

Take pictures of wounds throughout the healing process. Such snapshots may serve as evidence in court. Also, watch for signs of emotional trouble. Children who experience traumas are vulnerable to psychological ailments. These include but are not limited to insomnia, anxiety and depression. Accidents resulting in a concussion can yield mental health issues later in life.

Save all information

Preserve all communication from educational authorities about the incident. You are likely to receive a letter explaining the official version of events. Other parents may have narratives that conflict with the information it contains. Speak with them. Their words could help justify filing a lawsuit.

Be aware of how to handle your child being the victim of a bus crash. The actions you take are essential to supporting a legal argument for compensation.

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