Type of spinal cord injury can impact recovery

A spinal cord injury must be taken seriously so that you don’t make it any worse. You have to find out as much as you can about the injury you have because you might need the information in the future. One instance in which this might be helpful is if you are working on a rehabilitation program to help you regain function or learn how to adapt to the abilities you have now.

The type of injury you have is one of the most important things that you have to think about. For the most part, an incomplete injury is associated with a greater possibility of regaining function below the level of the injury than what is possible with a complete injury.

When it comes to spinal cords, the type of injury is dictated by the amount of damage to the spinal cord. The incomplete injury means that there is partial damage, but that there is some measure of movement or feeling below that level. A complete injury is permanent damage to the spinal cord without any feeling, movement or sensation below the injury.

It is important to remember that the impact of the injury will always occur in the area that is below the injury. This means that cervical spinal injuries will affect a larger portion of the body than those to the thoracic, lumbar or sacral spine.

The medical team caring for you will consider the type of spine injury and other factors when they are determining a treatment plan for you. It is imperative that you are working hard on that plan so that you can have the best recovery possible.

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