Third-party liability in construction site accident injuries

Construction sites are inherently dangerous locations. Most construction workers employed in California understand these dangers and take steps to protect themselves. However, as we all know, mishaps can occur anyway, leaving workers suffering from construction site accident injuries.

You probably know that federal programs allow workers to acquire benefits after a work injury, but sometimes, these benefits do not meet all of the injured worker’s needs. When the negligence of one or more third parties contributes to a work injury, victims can pursue other avenues to increase the amount of compensation they are due. We offer the following examples of third-party liability in work injury cases.

  • Negligent design or manufacturing of construction equipment
  • Presence of substandard or shoddy materials in safety equipment
  • Negligence by a third-party subcontractor leading to injury
  • Faulty brakes or other auto parts in construction vehicles
  • A negligent motor vehicle accident caused by a private motorist
  • Failure on the part of the property owner to provide a safe work site

As injury lawyers, we understand how victims of third-party construction site accident injuries can suffer. The pain they endure is just a part of this suffering. Victims must also deal with ongoing medical treatment, vocational therapy (in some cases), the inability to work and out-of-pocket expenses. Filing a successful third-party claim helps to maximize the total compensation these victims can receive.

We believe another reason to consider filing a claim is to help deter those involved in the construction industry from overlooking safety in favor of profits. Calling these people out in a legal setting is a great way to accomplish this goal, and it can lead to positive change within the industry. We urge you to learn more about dealing with construction site accident injuries. Our website offers several pages discussing these and other topics related to injuries caused by negligence.

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