Look to the future after negligent catastrophic injuries occur

Finding a definition of what makes injuries catastrophic is practically impossible. Some victims might be so grateful to have survived a car accident that they view serious injuries as minor compared with the possibility of death. On the other hand, parents caring for a child badly injured through medical malpractice tend to view the injury as devastating or catastrophic.

Although a definition for catastrophic injuries is elusive, it is important for injury victims to give the matter some thought. Most lawyers view any injury resulting in irreversible or life-changing harm as catastrophic. For example, a traumatic brain injury often results in total or partial disability. To victims and to attorneys, this qualifies as a catastrophic injury.

The reason it is so important to think about the total harm brought about by any injuries revolves around the type of legal action you may decide to pursue. You may feel so lucky to be alive that filing an injury lawsuit is the furthest thing from your mind — but you need to consider your future. Weeks, months or years down the road, you may wish you had pursued legal action in order to get the compensation you need to make your life easier. Especially when you consider the massive medical expenses associated with catastrophic injuries, it’s easy to understand why legal action can be important.

We want you to know that waiting too long to take action can rob you of the opportunity for fair compensation. In California, you only have two years in which to file a personal injury claim. While this gives you some time to really think about your life going forward, it is unwise to wait too long.

If nothing else, consider discussing your case with a lawyer to learn about your legal options. We also invite you to continue reading our website to find additional information about catastrophic injuries.

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