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Is that post-crash concussion a health risk?

California drivers like you may end up injured in a wreck. The most common areas of injury focus on the neck, back and head. If you get a head injury, you are most likely to suffer through a concussion. What should you know about these injuries? How do they affect you?

Concussions can actually pose serious, long-term ramifications for your health. It is important to identify symptoms and seek medical attention fast.

Mild vs serious concussions

Mayo Clinic takes a detailed look at concussive symptoms. They vary in severity based on how serious the injury itself is. Mild concussive symptoms are often hard to notice because they are so small. But, severe concussive symptoms are sometimes very dramatic and noteworthy. For example, you may end up unconscious for hours at a time. Your sense of taste or smell could get altered. It is also common to experience tinnitus. Temporary blindness, flashing lights, black spots and more are common visual side effects.

The risk of brain damage

Symptoms that worsen over time are a big cause for concern. Concussions can cause swelling and bruising of the brain. Unfortunately, there is only so much room for swelling in the skull. It is possible for the brain to press against the skull, cutting off circulation to that area. This can cause cell death and brain damage if left untreated. You may end up with permanent nerve damage or other disabilities.

Only medical professionals can tell how severe your concussion really is. As soon as you notice concussive symptoms, seek a doctor right away. If they need to, they can administer life-saving healthcare.

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