Function recovery is possible in some spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries are serious matters, but they aren’t all the same. There are two classifications of this type of injury that all damage falls into. The first is that you have a complete spinal cord injury. This means that the spinal cord is damaged in a way that is preventing signals from traveling down it. You will have a loss of function because of the injury.

The second type is the incomplete injury. This one is usually associated with only a partial loss of feeling or movement in the part of the body affected by the injury. An incomplete injury is more likely to have a better recovery than a complete one.

When the doctor is discussing your injury with you, make sure you ask about the type of injury you have. Take the time to talk about what type of recovery you might be able to expect. Sometimes, the key point is that you have to be willing to work for what recovery you have.

Oftentimes, spinal cord injury patients need to have therapy sessions to get back what mobility they lost. These can help you to regain the skills that you need to go back to work and to enjoy your life. Unfortunately, some people might not recover any of their lost abilities. This is traumatic because they remember what life was like prior to the injury.

Some people who suffer from a spinal cord injury may decide that they are going to seek compensation. This is done through the civil court system, and the lawsuits name the liable party as being accountable for the damages that you now have to live with.

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