Dangerous Valentine’s day dates

After the last of the Christmas fruitcake and New Year’s fireworks have faded it comes time to look forward to another holiday. Valentine’s Day.

While some may dread a holiday that celebrates couples, others see it as an opportunity to spend quality time with someone who has brought joy and companionship to an otherwise lonely life. Valentine’s Day might also seem like an opportunity to push yourself and your significant other to do something you only dreamed of doing.

These are some of the Valentine’s Day dates that may not be worth an ending in the hospital.

Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane

Whether this is an impulsive thought or one that has been on your bucket list for a long time, it is worth doing some research before going for that first dive. The reality is that even experienced skydivers can problems. The big difference is that the experienced diver has more experience to handle the situation.

If skydiving is a must-do, be sure to research the places you are considering going. Many venues will require first-timers to dive attached to an instructor. This is your safest option so that you have someone with you who can help you stay safe. It may even provide a foundation so that you are prepared to go alone in the future.

A romantic ride on the beach

Even with years of training, horses are animals with a mind of their own. They are prey animals and their primary instinct is to run when they are scared. At that point, they are no longer concerned with the person on their back, only getting away from the threat. Even if that threat is a plastic bag.

This means that no horse is completely safe. No matter how long the horse has been taking people on rides down the beach, there is always the possibility that the horse could encounter something that causes them to throw you, bolt or both.

Even though horses can be dangerous animals, there are precautions you can take to have a safer experience if this is what your heart is set on for your Valentine’s Day date. Any horseback riding venue should require you to wear a helmet. The owner should also be able to tell you about the experience and training of the horses as well as the staff. If the owner is not able to answer questions about basic safety, consider another venue.

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