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How does footwear affect driver safety?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2022 | Uncategorized |

When people discuss car accidents and the factors that contribute to them, many aspects of driving and a driver’s habits come to mind. They range from the alertness of the driver to distractions in and out of their vehicle.

However, not many cover the fact that a driver’s footwear can actually have a substantial impact on their overall safety and chances of crashing.

Barefoot and open-toed shoe risks

Best Life discusses the impact of footwear on driver safety. Generally speaking, drivers should wear sensible, low-heeled shoes with closed toes. Of course, drivers should also not go barefoot in the vehicle, which some drivers do.

Going barefoot can open a driver up to the risk of cutting, pinching, bruising or injuring the foot in some way, which can distract the driver and cause a crash. Bare feet can also slip on the pedals.

This is why open-toed shoes pose a danger, too. In particular, flip-flops cause an annual spike in crashes every summer when drivers begin to hit the road with more hot weather clothing. These shoes easily slip on pedals and get caught beneath them, inhibiting a driver’s ability to brake.

High heel risks

High heels also pose a similar issue, with the heel often wedging between pedals or getting stuck in the carpet. This makes it harder for a driver to brake when they need to.

On the road, just a few seconds can make the difference between avoiding or getting into a crash. To that end, it is important to avoid anything that can stack the odds against a person.