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Why are attractive nuisances dangerous?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2021 | Firm News |

While surveying your property, you may notice some items or areas that naturally draw curious children in. To a young mind, they may seem like fun places to play or equipment that they could easily use or climb onto.

Those areas or pieces of equipment are also called attractive nuisances, which entice children but also threaten them with possible danger. Some items may be man-made while others are ones you must maintain in order to keep your property safe.

Can cause bodily harm

According to FindLaw, the law dictates that children are not expected to understand the full scope of a situation they are in. Climbing onto construction projects or jumping into uncovered and unfenced swimming pools are just a few of the ways a child could become severely injured by accident.

Many items on a piece of land can cause concussions or other injuries, and putting up signs may not always be enough to warn guests on your property of these dangers. You are responsible for minors on your property, even if they trespass.

Often are easy to miss

Many items that a child would find intriguing are not what an adult would think of interesting or even notice at first glance. In the case of attractive nuisances such as wells or scaffolding, you may mistakenly believe any children on your property would already know to avoid these dangers. However, that is often not true.

Checking your property for these nuisances is important. Make sure to fence off all items such as ladders, unsafe stairways and tunnels. Warning children and their parents of the possible dangers on your property is one way to prevent these accidents.