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Fatal collision in Newport Beach due to DUI

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2021 | Injuries |

Many people in California may misunderstand the general purpose of a wrongful death lawsuit. While they might think that such an action looks to empower one to act in the role of law enforcement to mete out some sort of punitive action, yet that is typically not the case.

Rather, those who take such action often simply need compensation to deal with the loss that others’ negligence or carelessness (intentional or otherwise) leaves them dealing with. Unfortunately, for some that loss is often deeply impactful.

Santa Ana couple killed by drunk driver

Few losses are as impactful as that of a parent. According to the Los Angeles Times, three kids from Santa Ana find themselves having to cope with the loss of both. They lost their parents when a Newport Beach woman ran through a stoplight and collided with their vehicle (the kids also sustained injuries in the accidents). A subsequent investigation by law enforcement indicated that alcohol played a role in the crash (indeed, the driver that hit them has multiple DUI offenses on her record). She now faces several criminal charges stemming from the accident, as well as a wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of the kids.

Third-party liability for car accidents

The lawsuit referenced in this case also lists the woman’s parents as defendants (for allowing her to drive knowing of her propensity to drive drunk). One can attempt to hold a third party liable for an accident if their actions (or inactions) demonstrate an indifference to the potential consequences of their actions. Yet doing so can be a challenge. For this reason, those hoping to pursue such an action may first want to consult with an experienced legal professional in order to understand all of their options.