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Third-party claims hold manufacturers liable for equipment defect

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2020 | Construction Site Accident Injuries |

When you grab a tool at a construction site, you expect that it is going to work as intended. Unfortunately, defects and issues can occur with equipment. There is a chance that this will lead to an incident causing an injury.

Injuries from power tools can be very serious. They can lead to amputations and others, but they will usually need medical care. It is imperative that any construction worker who’s injured in this type of accident receives that care, so they don’t face any increased risks.

When you suffer this type of injury, you might have some financial impacts. Not only will you probably face medical bills, you might also have some other money worries. One of these might be lost wages from being unable to work.

These financial concerns aren’t ones that most people will find easy to address. Instead, they are often complex and far-reaching. They might extend long after you’re able to return to work.

When a defective piece of equipment is responsible for the accident, you might choose to seek compensation through a third-party claim. This enables you to hold the manufacturer liable for the damages that you suffered.

We understand that you might have some questions about this process. We are here to help you find out what options you have to address the situation and to walk you through the steps necessary to get it started.

Remember, you only have a limited time to get your claim filed. For this reason, we need to get things started quickly after your injury. We’re here to help with this as soon as you’re able to contact us.