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Addressing the Fatal Four improves construction site safety

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2019 | Construction Site Accident Injuries |

There are so many things that can go wrong at a construction site. It is imperative that all employers who have employees in these areas have a proper safety protocol in place to reduce the risk that something is going to happen that leads to a worker injury. While employees should take the necessary steps to stay safe, the onus is on the employer to ensure safety.

There are many hazards on these sites; however, there are four specific ones that account for the majority of the fatalities in this industry. If employers address these, they can greatly reduce the number of construction workers who don’t make it home to their family members.

The most common fatal incident is a fall. This accounts for around 39.4% of worker deaths, and it is largely preventable. Companies must ensure that all workers have appropriate fall arrest devices if they are going to work higher than specific heights. They should also have climbing protocol and other standards set based on the work environment of the employees.

Coming in second on this list is being struck by an object, which is the cause of 8.2% of fatalities. Third on the list is electrocutions, which account for 7.3%, and being caught in or between objects is responsible for 5.1%. While these three factors don’t equal out to that of falls, it is still important for employers to have policies in place for them too.

When a construction worker is injured, one of the primary concerns is getting medical care. Then, an investigation into the cause can occur. This can give them an idea of what options they have for seeking compensation. This might including filing a third-party claim, depending on what occurred.